EU gives a green light to copyright enforcement


Today the Court of Justice of the European Union came to the conlusion that the national courts are able to disclose subscriber information according to the Directive of Civil Enforcement (2004/48).

-The Swedish legislation "Ipred" has now been tried all the way up to the European Court of Justice. The lengthy legal procedures have led to great and unnecessary losses for the creators, but we hope that the Courts ruling will be a clear signal to those who file share illegal. Rights Alliance will regularly request the subscriber information in cases of infringement, says Sara Lindbäck legal counsel at Rights Alliance.

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Rights Alliance works mainly against different forms of internet crime. Mainly we use preventive measures. In some cases this is not enough, we then have the competence to move forward with legal claims. We will give you an overall strategy to act effectively against infringements. Different measures are often needed to achieve certain results.

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